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My name is Nicolas, a young Colombian passionated for the online world.

Nicolas Olaya

I started this blog because it’s the perfect opportunity to combine 3 passions of mine: starting an online business, writing and helping people.

With that in mind, my main aim is to provide as much value as possible and help you start or excel in your business online! 

Now, I’m sure you want to know more about and how I got involved in the digital marketing world. Well it’s pretty simple.


Everything started in my teenage years.

When I was 16  years, for some reason I became obsessed with the idea of building a business, being my own boss and living in my own terms.

I just didn’t want to work for someone else.

I would nerd out all day about how I could start a business with zero money.

That’s where I stumbled upon affiliate marketing.

I then decided to start a blog in the golf niche (don’t ask me why) even though I knew NOTHING about the topic.

I started to review golf equipment and promote my own amazon’s affiliate links.

golf equipment on amazon

I made quite some money but it wasn’t a fortune. However, it completely sparked my interest in the digital world. To me it was crazy that I could make money on the internet and manage my own time.

After that I started learning about SEO, Content marketing, Facebook advertising and… Dropshipping.

That’s where I decided to start a Dropshipping business.

I was 19 at that time and I just arrived in France to study Economics.

Nicolas Olaya from Practical Money Land

If you’re unfamiliar with Dropshipping, it consists on selling products from an e-commerce website without holding any stock, basically by being a middleman between the supplier and the final customer.

I started two Dropshipping stores: A gadget and a fitness store.

fitness dropshipping storeI was very happy and ready to become a millionaire.

However… it was a COMPLETE disaster.

shopify sales

I invested all my savings in Facebook Ads to drive traffic to my Dropshipping stores and make money.

The problem was that I wasn’t profitable!

So, after 8 months I decided to close the two stores.

I don’t regret anything, though.

I learnt a TON about a lot of aspects of digital marketing, mainly paid advertising, SEO and e-commerce.

Those two stories are, in a nutshell, what got me into the digital marketing space.

Fast forward to today, I’m an SEO and social media consultant that LOVESto help people and that’s exactly why I decided to create this blog.

digital marketing consultant

I just love sharing my passion and helping people build a profitable online business and enjoy life!

In the Practical Money Land, you’ll learn everything you need to know when it comes to affiliate marketing, social media, making money online and digital marketing as a whole.

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