How to get followers on Instagram FAST: 14 Tips

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Whether you’re trying to grow your Instagram to make money online, increase your exposure or whatever other reason, you came to the right place. 

Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms with more than 500 active users per day, a ridiculous amount of people. Not only that but Instagram also guarantees a better engagement rate than other platforms. That’s why a lot of brands focus most of their time developing their Instagram online presence (If you want to learn more about why social media is important for businesses, click here).

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the better strategies and tips to help you grow your Instagram page as fast as possible by gaining a lot of REAL followers so you can reach a lot of people with your content. Keep in mind that the strategies we’re going to address are not quick sketchy ways of gaining thousands of fake followers who are not going to engage with your content. You’re going to learn the best strategies to attract LOYAL and ENGAGED real followers as quickly as possible that require some work and patience but at the end is worth it. 

1. Create a dedicated hashtag and get creative with it

Creating a dedicated hashtag for your brand or business has a lot of benefits. It’s a creative strategy that, if applied correctly, can become viral and dramatically your exposure, helping your page become more discoverable which equals to more followers!

When creating your dedicated hashtag, it’s important that you promote it everywhere and every time you can. The more people that see and uses it, the better. If your hashtag happens to become viral then your Instagram will certainly blow up! 

Take a look at this example by Nike and their hashtag #justdoit :

nike dedicated hashtag

As you can see, they created a hashtag with their widely recognized and motivational slogan “Just do it”. It’s a great strategy that has helped them develop their social media presence by leveraging an iconic slogan that appears on almost all their products. Today there are more than 17 millions posts on Instagram that use the #justdoit hashtag!

justdoit hashtag

2. Collaborate with brands and other Instagrammers 

Collaborating with brands and other Instagrammers will do wonders to your following count. That’s because you will be tapping into a new and engaged audience that may be interested in your content. 

fitness influencers collaborating

If you publish high-quality content that resonates with them then it’s highly likely that they will follow you. Before collaborating with brands and influencers, it’s important to know your audience as well as theirs. You need to make sure that both of your audiences will benefit from the collaboration and enjoy. Remember, you don’t have to work in the same industry as your collaborator to make an awesome and effective collaboration campaign.

In addition to that, it’s also very important that you start networking and building good relations with other Instagram pages/Influencers. This allows you to constantly create content together that, again, could attract more people to your Instagram page. 

collaboration between instagrammers

3.Get creative with your feed

With millions of different Instagram pages online, you must differentiate yourself by having a creative and eye-catching profile. Make sure your Instagram profile looks complete and original so people will hit the follow button more often.

creative instagram page

So, make sure you define beforehand a look and aesthetic you want to go for with your Instagram profile and then publish content that follows that type of aesthetic. Remember, Instagram is a visual-based social platform so make sure you nail that part down to increase your followers!

4. Be consistent with your feed

In order to build a solid Instagram profile, you need to keep the same editing style and theme for pretty much all your content. This is going to help you build an aesthetic Instagram which will attract more Instagram followers. The reason for that is that people ⅔ of your Instagram visits come from non-viewers. So, if they like your actual content, they will start following you but also create expectations about what your future content is going to be. It means that they’re going to follow you because they expect you to keep posting similar content constantly! 

consistent instagram feed about outfit ideas

Besides that, you also need a good profile photo and an awesome Instagram bio. This is important because, again, is one of the first things that a user sees. Try to keep it simple yet engaging with a clear CTA and some basic info about you and your Instagram page.

How to be consistent? 

There are many ways to keep the same aesthetic in your Instagram profile. I like to use the same photo 2-3 filter or presets on every photo and post. This is an easy way to make sure you’re not overdoing it or creating a clownish Instagram feed. 

consistent instagram feed

If you’re learning how to edit photos then I recommend you to watch Youtube videos about editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. You don’t need to become an expert in photography or design to have a beautiful and interesting Instagram profile… the basics will do just fine!

5. Good quality photos + good editing

This point should be the base of your Instagram strategy and philosophy. You should always strive to post high-quality photos and content in general. No one likes pixelated photos and boring posts.

instagram feed with good photo quality

If people like your content they won’t hesitate to share it with your friends and that’s exactly how your page becomes popular. So, always make sure your next posts have the best-quality it can have if you want to succeed!

6. Post consistently 

When posting consistently, two things happen :

  • The Instagram algorithm will increase your post’s exposure. That’s because Instagram rewards people who post constantly. In other words, the most frequent you post, the better. We recommend you to post, if possible, at least 1xday. If you can’t post every day, make sure you choose a set number of posts per week and stick to it.
  • Followers will share your content more frequently. If someone starts following your page that’s because they like your content, plain and simple. So, give them a reason to keep following you, share your content and invite others to follow you by delivering good content consistently.

7. Invest in ads

If you’re serious about your business and have some money to invest, you should consider Instagram Ads. 

Running Instagram’s ad campaigns is a very powerful tool to build your audience very rapidly. If you don’t know how to do it then I recommend you to seek help from an expert or learn by yourself.

instagram feed ad

You can create a lot of different types of ads (feed videos, feed photos, story ads,…), my favorite being video content. However, besides advertising good content, it’s very important to target the RIGHT audience. I can’t stress that enough. So, before launching your campaign you should do some research about your target audience and identify their pain points/desires/passions, etc. This is going to increase the effectiveness of your ads by placing the right type of content in front of the right type of people.

adidas's instagram story ad

If you want to learn how to create Instagram ads, check out this article

8. Work with influencers (Paying for shoutouts)

Just like Instagram advertising, you can pay a certain amount to have your Instagram brand and products promoted. This time, you will pay to other Instagram pages or influencers in the same niche (ideally) to spread the word about your brand on a feed or story post. This is called Influencer Marketing (Check out this article to learn more about Influencer Marketing).

influencer marketing

This is an interesting method to get a lot of followers pretty quickly, depending on the size of the page you paid and also their audience. So, if you have the money to invest you should start looking for influencers with a good engagement rate (at least 2%) and a decent community. The prices can vary a lot and they are usually negotiable. 

The potential and ROI from influencer marketing is HUGE and even though more and more brands are taking advantage of it, it stills an underrated marketing strategy.

9. Promote your Instagram page and content on other platforms

If you happen to have a blog, a Facebook page, a website or other online platform then you can use them to promote your Instagram page. 

youtube promoting his social profiles

People who come from one of your platforms are more likely to tap the follow button on your Instagram page because they already know you! Sharing your content on these platforms is an amazing strategy if you want to leverage the power of cross-channel marketing. Cross-channel marketing allows you to promote your Instagram page and build a bigger and more diverse audience.

10. Join engagement groups

Engagement groups have been around for a while and it works mainly for beginners and small Instagram accounts. You can find engagement groups in a lot of different places: Facebook, Telegram Whatsapp, etc. These groups are filled with people with the same objective as you: increase your followers and exposure.

instagram engagement group on telegram

Source: https://www.agorapulse.com/social-media-lab/instagram-pods

Basically, you will need to follow a set number of rules and help other Instagram pages by liking and commenting on their latest posts in order to get the same type of help in exchange. A tip I can give you is to join engagement groups related to your specific niche to target a more specific audience which equals better results in terms of engagement. 

As I’ve I said, engagement groups are more suited for beginners and should be used as a short-term strategy to increase your followers. A lot of people use this strategy to boost their follower numbers and improve their credibility as a brand. Read this article if you want to learn more about engagement groups.

11. Host giveaways

People -including me- LOVE free stuff, right? Then take advantage of that by giving something away to your audience in return for sharing, commenting and liking your content. You can’t imagine what people are willing to do to get something for free!

giveaway example on Instagram

Don’t limit yourself to post your giveaway contest in your social platforms but also consider posting it on other platforms such as Facebook Groups. You can also contact influencers or blog owners and offer them your product for free so they can review it, share their experience with their audience and, lastly, host a giveaway contest with it. In some cases, they’re going to ask you for money but a lot of times they’re more than willing to do it for free, considering you already gave them your product for free.

Running contests is an amazing strategy that makes people engage with your content. You can get thousands of new followers very quickly if you manage to create a viral and interesting contest that makes people want to join it.

12. Get your followers what they want 

This is kind of general advice but EXTREMELY important nonetheless. If you know something about content creation and digital marketing in general, you should know that the best way to attract new users and build a community is to give them what they want! It means you should do some research about what kind of content they are waiting from you as well as their pain points, problems and so on so you can help them with through your content. You should always strive to deliver the best content possible with the most value. If you help other people solve their problems then they’re going to come back to you.

So, before creating more content, take a step back and analyze your current content creating strategy. Make sure it is aligned with your audience’s interests to build a large and loyal following.

13. Write amazing Instagram captions to boost engagement

Engagement is a crucial metric that Instagram takes into account when ranking a page and increasing its exposure. That’s why you should always aim to have a lot of engagement in your Instagram posts and one way to maximize it is by writing engaging and likable post captions! Even though Instagram is an image-based platform, the caption plays a huge role in your content.

Writing a good Instagram caption is as important as posting a high-quality photo. So, before posting, make sure you take some time to write a persuasive caption that resonates with your audience. 

long caption on Instagram

There are many tips you can use to write more compelling captions such as using emojis, talking about your current feelings and experiences, asking questions, etc. 

You can check out this article that teaches you how to write good Instagram captions.

14. Analyze your Analytics

Instagram analytics tools exist for a reason: improve your marketing strategy!

That’s why you must take a look at your metrics so you can learn from them and significantly improve your results by adapting your strategy to your audience.


These analytics tools will give you data about a lot of different and useful aspects (demographics of your audience, top posts, what time of day your followers use Instagram, etc…) that will help you craft better and more suited content thus helping you achieve your goals of increasing your following number more rapidly. 

“Above all else, show the data.” – Edward R. Tufte


As you can see, even if it can take some work to build a solid Instagram page, it is a great opportunity. Instagram is blowing up right now and that’s why more and more brands and businesses are hopping into it to build their online presence. If you apply the principles and main strategies that we discussed in this blog you will see results and start seeing your following count grow day by day. If you have had some success with Instagram, please share in the comments your best tips to grow an Instagram account! 


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